3DS XL vs HD 7870 XT

OK guys, it may look like a silly question to you guys... it does to me admittedly... but I am sorta torn between the HD 7870 XT and a 3DS XL, I would like a new gpu so I can play games at 1080p on my pc (e.g. Sleeping dogs, GTA 4, MMORPG's, etc) but! I've missed out on the last few editions of pokemon games (i think this is mainly nostalgia) and started to play a couple on emulators, the sad thing is, it just doesn't feel like a pokemon game on pc and also since I'm at college alot atm since i've finished secondary school, I've been playing pokemon on my android too! (I know I'm sad), the last nintendo handheld I had was an ordinary DS (plus a 3DS XL is more social than a gpu!). Both the 3DS XL and the HD7870 XT cost the same near enough and I'm just wondering, is it worth it?

I welcome feedback and could you guys either reassure me to buy a HD 7870, or tell me why I should get a new 3DS XL!

If I do get the 3DS XL I will buy mainly new games (Pokemon X&Y and Pokemon Black) and rent already existing titles (Zelda, etc).

If I do get the HD 7870 XT I will mainly play HD titles, FPS's and MMO's at Ultra settings (Sleeping dogs, GTA 4, Guild wars 2, Saints Row 3, Vindictus, Raiderz).

I've got a week or 2 to decide anyway.

Blast Away!
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  1. Get the hd 7870 then wait till a 3ds emulator comes out.
  2. Personally I'd get the 7870. It's a pretty beastly graphics card from what all I've read. And to me, gaming on a PC is second to NONE. Anyways you should have a phone to game on to be "social"?

    But honestly you seem like your leaning towards the 3DS so get that. It's all about what YOU want. No one here's gonna change YOUR mind. There's always newer better hand held stuff to buy later on too
  3. Since you already have a phone, I say you should grab the GPU. You'll playing games that are so much better than pokemon. And you can always play pokemon through emulators, even on your phone.
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