Overclocking problem with 1.7 ghz P4

I have a P4 1.7 ghz (256K cache/400fsb) and 512 mb Rd-Ram (4 x 128), running on an Asus P4T-E (i850) mobo. I overclock the cpu by changing the FSB rate, but i can't get over 118. When i do so, the monitor doesn't show anything and when i reset, the bios screen automatically pops up, and i have to decrease the FSB back to 118. Is there a solution to my problem? Can it be because of the heat, or cpu model? I'll replace this cpu with a 2.6 ghz (512K cache, 400 FSB) P4 soon, so if the problem is the cpu, that's not actually a problem for me. i hope i'll get better results with the new 2.6 ghz. Or am i fooling myself, and are the rams the source of the problem? I've thought of changing the AGP/PCI settings, but there's no way to do so with my mobo. I need some help.

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  1. I think the i850/i850E uses fixed ratios of PCI/AGP to FSB. So 118 might not work, but 133 might (because a lower ratio would automatically be choosen). Unfortunatly your CPU won't go that far, check to see if you can choose those ratios manually in BIOS.

    On the other hand, it could be the RAM. PC800 should be set as PC600 when overclocking, because it also uses a ratio of FSB.

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  2. The 1.7G P4 Willi was nec=ver a good over clocker, I gasped when I saw how far you had got, pretty good i'd say for this P4 (Which I believe to be a heavly screened base chip to get some life out of this P4 series...)
    Not sure about the 2.6gig chip performance, I am aslo looking at this for my system to gain an edge, I also have limited upgrade on CPU, since my modo will only support 400FSB CPU's and an abs max 333 memory.

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