Will FX5500 256MB work with Fallout 3?

Hello, I'm wondering if my specs can play Fallout 3?

Onto my specs:

Video Card: FX5500 256MB AGP
Memory: 1.9GB
Processor: Sempron 2800

Please I need a exact answer, thanks in advance :)

Yours truly
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  1. Your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, I'm sorry to tell you no. :)
  2. it actually should work but your card is pretty low spec. its likely you wont get a playable frame rate.
    to be honest though i would say dont waste your money and save up till you can afford a new gaming pc...
    450 will get you entry level gaming on an dual core i series or low end amd quad.
  3. Thanks for the answers, I'll try though, never give up until you succeed they say.
    but atleast Oblivion is working, anyway, thanks again. :)
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