AGP drivers probs

Got some real problems the AGP drivers at my pc.

Windows insists on istalling the PCI bus driver (pci.sys) on the AGP Port.
This resulting in my card a Club3d 6800NU working in PCI mode. Something that decrese preformance something im ofcourse not happy with.

When i istall the drivers from VIA they add them self to the AGP Port but the PCI drivers stay. So the AGP port is working with TWO drivers.
This results in PC crash as soon as i open any 3D- applications.

I have tried almost evry drivers from VIA and nVidia over the two last years an aint getting it working.

Plz help me out here. Any sugestons and tips are welcome.

My System:

Asus A7V600 motherboard
AMD XP 2600+ T-bred prossesor
2*512 Twinmos PC 2700 RAM
300 W Power.
Club3D GeForce 6800 NU @ 16 pp,6 vp.

Avrange CPU temp is around 50-60 C.
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  1. First thing to do is download other versions of the VIA driver. Then hang a lucky horseshoe over your computer. Make certain it's nailed properly in place so it doesn't fall, no matter what kind of bad juju is working against it. Now pray to your god, if you're an atheist pray to yourself. Now try the different VIA driver version.

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