Cod Mw2 lag

guys my pc specs is

AMD FX 6100 3.35GHZ not overcloced
Ati radeon 6670 2gb dd3
Gigabyte Mobo
3.25 Mb of ram ddr3

when i play mw2 theres some play that is laggy
theres some no

though i change my resolution or settings into low
its still laggy like in the maximum settings

i just wondering why its so weird even i change it into lowest settings then still laggy

but theres some many times that my gameplay is good
but when you are outside your movement is slow
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  1. I'am assuming your ram as 3GB. So get a 8GB of RAM stick.

    Decrease AA setting and turn Vsync OFF shadows to MIDIUM
  2. yes its 4gb ram,but i wrote 3.25 because my os is sp3,i am using 600 watts psu,and i already tried to set setting into slow but its the same,
  3. 3.25Gb because of 32bit OS? Anyway its not related, I suggest you check what tremps your CPU & GPU are at using HWMonitor or similar. If that looks OK check your CPU, GPU & RAM usage.
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