I have been using Windows XP for a while now and i have thought of upgrading to Windows 7.But the operating system does not support my printers HP Laser Jet 6L and HP DeskJet 810C. What is the problem with it?Can it be solved?
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  1. they are both supported

    this is from the HP site:

    "The drivers for your HP product are already included in the new Windows 7 operating system!"
  2. Hello Bijendra,

    It does look like both of your printers are compatible with Windows 7. The HP Laser Jet 6L is compatible (taken from the Windows 7 Compatibility Center):

    It doesn't appear that there are Windows 7 drivers for the HP DeskJet 810C, but you can try out the Vista drivers and see if they do the trick -

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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