GTX 660 on Crysis 3!

Getting very low fps while playing this game at very high settings even on low resolution
For Example with these settings:
Texture : Very high
System Spec : Very high
Antialising : FXAA
Vsync : off
Resolution : 1280x720 (15-19 fps) .. 1680x1050 (14-15 fps)

Texture : High
System Spec : High
Antialising : FXAA
Vsync : off
Resolution : 1280x720 (Unstable fps) .. 1680x1050 (Unstable fps

This game is too heavy? or There something wrong with my gpu?

Other specs of my system:
i5 2500k @3.3 GHZ
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  1. I don't know much about the 660 but can tell you that this is the most punishing of games. With everything maxed, I get some stutters (although overall a satisfactory experience) with 680 SLI.
  2. Are you running the latest drivers?
  3. Try clocking your Chip to around 3.6/3.8GHz, you may find an improvement
  4. You need the latest drivers. I get 45 FPS in average using a GTX 670 with everything on ultra, 4x SMAA and at 1920x1080.

    If it's not a driver problem, then try heading to your Nvidia controlpanel and reset everything to default. - Take a look at the performance. :)
  5. Am running the latest driver ..
  6. So dont have any more ideas?
  7. According to Tom's article:,3451-6.html

    Honestly, your overall PC is pretty good and I can't think of any bottleneck that would cause your low FPS output.

    If you've clean-installed the latest drivers (which at this point is version 314.14, out on March 4, 2013) and have installed the latest Crysis 3 Patch (which i think is v1.1 ATM), then there's really nothing more you can do (other than wait for the game to be optimized by Crytek / Nvidia in your case).
  8. You may have mis-seated the CPU cooler, and it's throttling down. Check your temps.
  9. Lower all settings down to low, including Resolution, and check on FPS.
    You can monitor the CPU, GPU usage by using RivaTuner OSD while playing the game along with HWInfo Program. Search for it.
    If it's a bottleneck, or a Thermal Throttle, you will know.
    Turn off AA too, as it can be a hog [Not is Crysis 3, but you can try still].

  10. Roll drivers back, I found the latest hurt my frames, unless they have updated it further by now
  11. Guys temps are fine cooler is seated perfectly still dont know what's up with the fps? :/
  12. Time to admit defeat here I think, knock the AA off, Vsync off, shadows down a bit then retest, and consider clocking to 4GHz maybe?
  13. I have the gtx 660 but i have an i7 but run 1280x1080.
    Here are all the tweaks I did and I have it running at 64 fps average.
    Nvidia Control Panel settings:
    Anisotropic filtering - 8x
    Antialiasing - FXAA - ON
    Gamma correction - ON
    Mode - Enhance the application setting
    Setting - 32x CSAA
    Transparency - 8x (supersample)
    CUDA - GPUs - All
    Maximum pre-rendered frames - 3
    Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration - Single display performance Mode
    Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance
    Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample opti... - OFF
    Negative LOD bias - Clamp
    Quality - High quality
    Trilinear optimization - ON
    Threaded optimization - Auto
    Triple buffering - On
    Texture filtering - off
    Vertical sync - Adaptive

    Now after you set those download the CVAR app from

    CVAR settings:

    Graphics Features tab
    Real-time Global Illumination - On
    Volumetric Water Shadows - On
    Screen-space Reflections - On

    Graphics Tweaking tab
    LOD distance ratio - 14
    View distance ratio (Vegetation) - 31
    Ambient Occlusion Method - SSDO
    Shadow Timeslicing - OFF
    View distance ratio (General) - 70
    View distance ratio (detail) - 50

    After setting those now onto the menu options in game. Also DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTINGS LABELED CUSTOM OR EVEN TOUCH THEM. Doing so will over ride any settings made in the CVAR and most likely hurt performance.
    Antialiasing - TXAA Medium (2XT1)
    Texture Resolution - Very High
    V-sync - ON
    System Specs - Custom

    Advanced graphic settings
    Game effects - Very High
    Object - custom
    Particles - High
    Post Processing - Very High
    Shading - custom
    Shadows - Very High
    Water - High
    Anisotropic Filtering - 16x
    Motion Blur Amount - Disabled
    Lens Flare - No

    And That all I have for you. I hope this helps I have been working on this since the game came out. Let me know how these settings work for you asap I have done a lot of research and I'm glad to final put up an extensive list of settings for people to use. For a last note I am new to PC gaming and graphics tweaking so any advice or criticism from anyone is appreciated. If anyone notices something wrong with this or if this is good/bad let me know.
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