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I am new at networks and lanning and all that stuff me and toe firends want to lan a few games...
now i want to know how does it work, can i have say a pci card with one ethernet port and use my onboard ethernet port and connect to ther pc's onboard ethernet port and lan like that ?
I have a wifi extender... with 4 ports on the back should i use this as a switch or hub ? i have a router but i have to leave it at home as there are other people using the uncapped internet....

Please help and if you can dumb it down a bit... im new like i said. :heink:
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  1. Are you playing a game by which you'll all have to connect to the internet in order to play? Which game(s)?
  2. Nope no internet... We are planning to play at my friends house, he cant leave the house for a few days because he has to keep watch over the house as his parents are leaving for a few days.... we are planning to play:
    Modern Warfare 3
    Race driver: Grid
    Counter Strike 1.6
    and any strategy game ?
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    If he doesn't have an internet connection at his house...

    So if these games don't require login to Steam in order to play, you'll be fine picking up a cheap 10/100 wired (or wireless) router with 4 ports on it (I don't think they make a 3-port):

    That would be enough for gaming. Each of you would plug into one of the ports (not marked 'WAN' or in the case of the cheap router above don't plug into the blue port). Make sure DHCP is turned on on the router and you're good to go (this is usually on by default).
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  5. Thanks much appreciated :)
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