Looking for New Turn-Based RPGs

Are there any new turn-based RPGs out there?

I don't mind if there's walking around that's not turn-based, but I'm talking turn-based combat like the Pool of Radiance series from the 90s? Or even like the original Wizardry? I'm not talking like KotOR where you pause the action when combat starts and then have to pause it again when the next round starts or similarly Mass Effect.

I'm talking about games that offer turn-based combat where everything stops on an encounter with a baddie and you can strategize each round of combat and the character with the highest initiative gets to attack first and so on.
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  1. Are there just not any available any longer for today's PC?
  2. Kings Bounty and its sequels are RPGish.
  3. You might try Banner Saga. It is new and available as a download for free from Steam and while it is not the full release version yet it has quite a bit to play around with and meet's much of the criteria you have outlined.
  4. Thanks guys.

    Bystander, I don't know why I've never heard of this before. There are many different King's Bounty games. I'm really excited to try these out.

    Also, FYI - I switched back to the single 27" ACER HN274Hbmiiid 3D monitor from the triple monitor setup. There is such a disadvantage in multi-player shooters when going back to 60Hz and I can't justify the cost of 3x120Hz monitors at this time. Single player games are fantastic on three screens (especially RTS and MMO), but I play mostly multi-player shooters. Now that I'll be getting into King's Bounty, I may rethink this decision, but still once you operate at 120Hz it's hard to tolerate anything less.

    Tibbs01, I'll have to check Banner Saga out when I get on Steam.
  5. We have the same monitor. Have you tried out 3D with it? I spent most my single player time using 3D Vision.

    Since finding this site, 3D Vision games are much more plentiful:
  6. Thanks for the tip. I've played a little bit in 3D, but have mostly taken advantage of the 120Hz in 2D to this point. One game that seems really great even though it's not on the 'excellent' 3D list is Skyrim. How do I solve he problem with the crosshairs though? Do you know the trick to it?
  7. Turn off the in game crosshairs, and use Nvidia's crosshair option by pressing ctrl-f12 (if you have it as default). Press Ctrl-F7 to save it.

    Also, Skyrim has a lot of shadow and water issues by default, but the link I gave has a fix for it. Though there is still a couple spots in some dungeons I found that still have an issue, but it is rare.
  8. Don't forget to adjust the depth. At 15% it is not very noticeable, but at 60% or better, it really pops out at you. And you also want to adjust the convergence for each game. If things appear to be coming out of the screen or making you go cross-eyed, convergence fixes that (default adjustments are ctrl F5 and Ctrl F6, but it has to be turned on in the Nvidia control panel under set Keyboard shortcuts).
  9. Thanks for all the info. This is great information. I haven't really looked too much into the 3D aspect of the monitor aside from making a depth adjustment. It's also good to know convergence adjustments are game specific.
  10. Fallout Tactics :D. Old but quite fun.
  11. cats_Paw said:
    Fallout Tactics :D. Old but quite fun.

    Will it play in Win 7 64?
  12. All the Fallout's except 3 are turn based. I don't know if they will work on Win 7 or not, but they were fun back in the day.
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