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Hey guys.

I've got a p5kse mobo with an e7300 overclocked to 3.3ghz. 5gb of ddr2-667 ram and an HD4670. I play BF3 on lowest settings, second lowest res (1024x800 something like that) and I average around 25-30fps.

I'd really like to improve my fps, so would upgrading my GPU to a GTX560 help or would I have to upgrade CPU as well.

$130, good deal? -

I plan on getting an i5 later on, would the GPU help for now?


Edit: is a corsair 400w enough for the gpu?
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  1. Eh. Both are pretty bad (for BF3 at least), but upgrading your GPU for now might help performance a bit (don't quote me on that), but upgrading your CPU and GPU will definitely help performance. And uh, if you can ever scrape up the money for it, I'd upgrade to 8GB of DDR3. I've never really used DDR2, but from what I've heard, it tends to be a lot slower than DDR3. And when I play BF3 I usually hit up to around 4-5GB of RAM usage, so it's always nice to have to some headroom.
  2. I've got a 400w corsair psu, would it be enough for the 560?
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    I find this little guy on ASUS' website really helps.!psu-calculator/c1ig3
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