Questions about Crysis 3

I've got some questions about Crysis 3.

*What happened to Alcatraz from Crysis 2?
*If Prophet shot himself at the beginning of Crysis 2, how is he alive in Crysis 3?
*How did Prophet survive re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere at the end of Crysis 3?
*Will there be a Crysis 4?
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  1. He was killed when the suit was exposed to the black spore at the end of C2 and prophets personality took control, hence his 'resurrection', its his mind in Alcatraz' corpse, being sustained by the suit
    Erm, Nanosuits are awesome?
    Most probably but it won't be Prophet based, just set in the same Verse
  2. Although thinking about it, his suit cries when you walk through fire so it must have somehow evolved at some point to resist high temperatures, not sure when though, the dopamine blocker removal wouldn't have affected the suit, but there is that ceph powered invulnerability thing going on ,maybe its that that allowed re-entry
  3. ambam said:

    *Will there be a Crysis 4?

    Cevat Yerli (CEO Crytek) has stated that this is the end of the Crysis series.

    He also stated that at some point all Crytek games will probably be F2P. :sarcastic:
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    No, its the end of prophets story, but there will be something else
    Its wait and see time, or maybe build a new Pc in readiness time hehe
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