Stuck & BSOD

i got problem with following games
dirt 3
juiced 2
cabelas dangerous hunting
some more but can't remember
well, the problem is when i start the games
my computer freeze for about 5-10 seconds and then goes blue screen / black n auto restart
any solution?
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  1. Do you have issues when running Windows apps that are not games? Are you overclocking anything?
  2. nope just SOME games
    the one i mentioned
    i don't think its hardware problem but can't figure it out :(
  3. Usually if something runs fine during non-3d gaming, and poops out during 3D gaming, you could have a GPU hardware or driver issue. Additionally, your system demands more power overall when you crank up the CPU and GPU during gaming.

    What kind of video card are you working with? The rest of your system specs including PSU? Have you upgraded any components recently?
  4. Whats the STOP code/error message? If you don't know, download BlueScreenView.

    Based on the description, it sounds like one of the two TDR BSOD's (0x116 and 0x117), which would indicate the GPU.
  5. my spec :
    cpu : fx 4100
    vga : gtx 560ti directcuii/1gb/top
    m/b : asus m5a88 v-evo
    psu : cooler master 650 w
    ram : 8 gb
    n well i don't really know about BSOD much
    sometime it goes black n restart sometimes blue with some error code but can't remember
    i just remember it happen on saint row the third also
    my operation : win 7 64 bits
  6. oh and i never O.C.
    so i don't think thats the problem
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