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Hey guys, while I was browsing the net the other day , It comes to my mind that game that I enjoyed when when my PS2 was in my hands , so I decided to play it again ( Shadow of The Colossus ), and I was thinking to download a PS2 Emulator and download the game and play , and I was just wondering ... will my rig would be enough to handle that ?

Core2Quad 9650 3.0Ghz , Sapphire HD 6950 1GB , 8 Gigs ram

Thanks everyone.
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  1. Yeah but the emulator isn't too optimized :( Back when I had a GTX 570 it ran Sly 3 but the emulator held it back at times, like I would be playing and sometimes my FPS would reach 500 or 800 and the game would be slow-mo
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    ^^ You HAVE to lock it to 60FPS; emulation speed is tied DIRECTLY to FPS.

    PCSX2 is getting REALLY good; most stuff runs now, and 60 FPS is common for most games. The issue is accuracy at this point.

    That being said...a C2Q is going to force you to use some speedhacks.
  3. pcxs2 is the best out there
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