Need MMO that meets these requirements

Heya :) I'm bored as hell, and looking for a new MMO to play. MMO should meet each of these standards.

-PvE friendly. While I am not opposed to MMOs that have PvP, I am not a competitive gamer. So it needs to have plenty of PvE content.
-Not Eve, WoW or GW2. Still playing Eve on and off, WoW got played to death, and GW2 did not remotely live up to the hype.
-Not a grind fest. Basically, if it plays like an Asian MMO, I'll get bored very quickly.
-Nothing more than 5 years old. I'm a visual gamer (hence why I play "video" games), and have a hard time getting into games where the visuals look like mud.
-Active subscriber base. Shouldn't feel empty.
-Currently available. While there are some interesting-looking MMOs on the horizon, that doesn't really solve my boredom issue today.

I'm sure I could come up with some other things, but those are the important points.

Thanks for any advice :)
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  1. Try SWTOR or TERA, and look into the upcoming Wildstar & Neverwinter betas.
  2. The Secret World

    This game has all the best parts of any MMORPG I've seen, and then some.
    You can look up the information easily enough, but some of my personal favorite features are:

    No classes: any character can play any role (or mix of roles) by changing gear and abilities, real time
    Immersion: there is an incredibly diverse pool of art, story, settings, and items because the devs are not restricted to any one theme (ie fantasy or SW)
    Gameplay: It has been streamlined so that the boring parts of an MMORGP are mostly gone. Namely clearing trash in dungeons or being forced to walk to meet with your group. The instances are very fun, and the quests are much more interesting than the standard stuff.
  3. I have been playing both the secret world and swtor lately and whilst they are both fairly great examples of the genre I would have to say that swtor is the better title.
    The PVE doesnt feel grindy due to each quest having the unique rpg charm that only bioware pulls off (the secret world has good voice acting but I never found myself caring about the story all that much). swtor is by no means empty (not that the secret world is either) the hubs are always fairly active and chat is always buzzing, i also havent had a problem finding groups for heroic quests and flashpoints (instances) I have had trouble with this in Secret World though.
    Swtor is VERY pretty whereas Secret World has a really gritty and mysterious (Silent Hill like) graphical style so both are great in the graphics department. I have to say though the character models and gear do look better in swtor though.
    Swtor also has the benefit of a massive and expanding history and universe that makes it feel a lot deeper than secret world (not that the developers havent made a great game world and lore for that game i must say).
    Overall Swtor gets a tick in every box whereas Secret World just didnt quite get me hooked.
  4. OH i forgot about Rift, but that almost falls into the asian style grind fest area that you don't seem keen on. I believe it does have a trial period though, so you can give it a go!
  5. Thanks for the responses. I tried SWTOR when it came out. Not sure if it's improved any; but sweet mother of goddess, that game was boring. Might try Secret World. Thanks for the recommendations.
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