What MMO should i play?

If you could only play and pay for one MMO what would it be? I've tried most MMOs but i've been out of the loop for a while now. I'm trying to decide what one is worth starting back up or starting for the first time as of today 2/28/2013 ... if any at all. I like PVE and good PVP for a break between dungeons, raids, quests ect...
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  1. The unfortunate truth is that WoW is still probably the best MMO. I would like to tell you that GW2 Rift or Swtor are better but for a comprehensive experience WoW really does deliver as much as it hurts me to say it.
    If you want something different I'm playing Swtor atm because it does beat WoW in a few areas (storytelling and questing are far superior. And it of course wins on graphics because WoW is getting so old haha).
  2. I had 10 days free on MOP i just tried actually.... made a panda and... never picked it back up. Pokemon and pandas I just can't do.... maybe if i had a lvl 85 that i cared for ( not a death knight ). That's the reason i'm asking the question. I should have added that into the initial post.
  3. There are so many free ones try all of them and come back if you don't find one you like.
  4. PlanetSide 1 but it's pretty badly populated right now. SOE for some reason decided to keep the sub price at 15 dollars, even though its sequel is free to play..
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