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Hey all,

just upgraded to this FX-6300 and XFX 5850 2GB, and so far it's running quite well. On my old system I had to run Crysis 3 on all low settings and it still lagged. Now I'm on all High settings, 4x AA and AF, and it runs usually 30 FPS+.

Just wondering what settings I should tweak around to max out the graphics/performance

also any other game recommendations for testing out the system would be nice

I ran the new 3DMark - scored 3837 in Fire Strike:
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  1. I highly recommend not testing on crisis 3 as it is terribly optimized and instead not use it for benchmarking until it had been patched significantly as even high end machines drop for reasons they should not.

    Not always will max antialiasing and other similar things increase your experience. Sometimes they will cause issues but generally maxing them is your best bet.

    With that system I am guessing you can run any modern game on full settings anyways so testing on games won't get you to its limit for quite some time :P
  2. Yeah I've noticed that. The settings seem kind of wonky, and trying to use that CVar configurator they released was even more confusing. I do get drops at times but nothing too bad.

    I'll probably go back and try Crysis 1, just for fun :P.

    I did try Metro 2033 just because I was never able to run it on anything but DirectX 9 and medium on my old rig - it looks much better on DX 11 at max lol

    I also did run 3dMark and whatnot, my try overclocking the CPU and see how that goes.
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