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For some reason when I OC the system will not boot, it powers on, all fans running lights etc.. but no video. Then I hold down the power button to turn it off, wait a few seconds then it works fine. I can run games for hours without problems, although it will only run Prim95 for about 8 hours, that time decreases to 3 hours if I OC my video card. I deffinately suspect that the PS just isn't capable of powering the system when its OCed. I'm running my CPU at 10x250, 1.525vcore, ram 2.8v, 2 opticals, 2 cold cathodes, GF6800 GT with 1.4vcore mod, 1 sata drive, 4 case fans, Audigy 2, floppy. I added up the total watts without the system being OCed and its 335, my PS is only a 380, from what i've read ocing can double my CPU power usage at the speeds i'm running it at. Which would put me over even without the video card being oced. Does this sound like a PS problem? Also my Vcore fluxuates from 4.88 to 5.2 when its supposed to be at 5.25, my 12v rail runs at 11.15~11.27. Thanks.

Asus A8V Deluxe(rev. 2.00) / A64 3000@2.4(266FSB, Mult. 9x) / 1024mb OCZ DDR533 / BFG 6800GT@405/1100 / Baracuda 120GB / Lian-Li PC-65 / Syncmaster 700NF / Antech True 380
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  1. Houston, you have a power supply problem! :lol:

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  2. if you oc a cpu farther than it will run it will do exactly what you say. it defaults back to the default when you restart it. i doubt its a power problem. ive had it happen when a computer runs fine over clocked, then raise it up just a little and it does that.

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