Onboard sound quality for MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum?

Just wondering. How does the RealtekALC850 onboard sound quality compare to other audio? I used to have a Sound Blaster PCI 128 on my old Slot-A. I'm upgrading to this MSI AMD64 platform. Is the onboard audio ok? Is it at least comparable to SB Live! OEM? What about Audigy 2? I was going to go with an Asus A7N8X but decided to go AMD64. Now I almost regret it because I miss out on the Sound Storm chip. I wanted to get away with onboard sound and not have to add a card.

So is the onboard sound reasonabley good compared to others?

thanx in advance for any feedback,

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  1. It's fairly good, a lot of soundcards in the $30 range use similar codecs.

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