Question - How do I lower Mobo temps

Hello. Here is my system:
CPU - Intel P4 - 3.2 - stock HSF - not overclocked - YET
Mobo - Intel 925xcvk
Ram - 1 Gig Cosair XMS2
Vid - 6600GT Leadtek
HD - Hitachi 250G (SATA)
DVD - Plextor (SATA)
Case - Thermaltake Tsunami
Fans - stock 120 mm outflow; Antec 120mm inflow; and upgraded 90mm side fan placed between vid and cpu blowing inward

My problem is with the mobo itself. My CPU temp has never gotten above 50 C and seems to hover between 44 - 48C. However, I keep getting messages that my mobo's zone 2 temp hovers around 54 when playing games. I thought that upgrading the fans would do the trick, but it still seems to hover at that temp. When I consulted the specs from Intel, I could see where Zone 2 is located, but cannot come up with a way to force more air over it, and they basically say it is not a problem. I still have my doubts and want to force it down if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate it - Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try a side mounted fan with some duct-work...

    ....WW (5.0)
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