I'm attempting to install windows 7 on my HP Laptop. I'm using the same disc I've used in the past on my brothers computer as well as my desktop. The disc has worked fine on my custom built desktop as well as the dell laptop. But both my HP laptop and desktop will not boot the working disc.

Any ideas?

Edit: I have made sure to correct the boot order on the hp laptop and desktop
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  1. Can the computers see the disk normally? Can you look at the contents from the existing OS? Does the boot go right by the disk and start Windows or does it try to boot off the disk and fail? Does the disk spin up when booting to it?

    Will you even be able to activate Windows since you are using the same disk on 4 computers now?
  2. All of the computers can see the disk normally. You can see all the content of the disk. On the computers that do boot the disk, it runs through the installation fine. The two HP computers that will not boot the disk act a little differently. You hear the disk attempting to startup. It try's to read it but eventually just boots into the vista installation on the computer.

    I will be able to activate it no problem. I simply need to know what may be causing this to not be able to boot on both these HP computers.

  3. Swap out the drives? Maybe there is a flaw in the disk that the other comptuers can read but those 2 can't.
  4. Well the thing is they all can read the disk... the two HP's just wont boot from it. Wondering if it's an HP specific thing or what's exactly going on
  5. When they boot, they have to read from a different part of the disk that you don't use when just browsing the files.

    If possibly by chance there is something odd there, the disk won't boot.

    There could be something with the HPs that prevents them from booting to that disk, do you have an XP or some other boot disk to try? Maybe get a Linux Live distro and see if you can boot to that on those systems? I don't know enough about the major manufacturers and what restrictions they may put in the BIOS to give a solid answer about HPs specifically.
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