CPU tempreature error while playing games

MY PC config is Processor=AMD phenom quad core 9950 black edition
Motherboard=ASUS M3A78-EM
Graphic card = NVIDIA GEForce GTX 460 SE 768MB DDR5
Power Supply= VIP 500W
whenever i play games fifa 13 my pc restart n that time fan was noisy after restarting PC it show CPU TEMPERATURE ERROR press F1 to resume.. i jst install NFS Most wanted 2012 i got same problem..even whenever i refresh system rating
PC RESTART n got CPU TEMP. ERROR..before i used NVIDIA GEForce 9800 GTX 512 mb Graphic card i play crysis 2,fifa 12 GTA IV, NFS run n many high graphic games on higher graphics bt never face this error on older Graphic card..
NW i using NVIDIA GTX 460 SE 760 MB DDR5 when video is going on while playing game that time more noise came from cpu (bcz fan start moving high speed) n suddenly pc restart ( i skip video part while playing fifa bt i jst put NFS MW 2012 i cant skip video n that time PC restart n show CPU temp error)
MY Cabinet clean , ALL fans clean..i keep small table fan beside cabinet n both side of cabinet is open so air passes properly,
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  1. Ru n a program like HWMonitor to check what temps you are getting. If the CPU is overheating then try cleaning the dust out of the fans.
  2. If the PC case, and all fans (but more specifically the CPU & GPU coolers & fans), then it might be your termal paste... in which case you'd need to reapply with perhaps a better one... but like Simon says, run GPU Temp and CPU Temp software to see which is heating...
  3. @ simon 12 and @ ALex the pc Gamer.. i jst check while playing FIFA 13 it shows Motherboard temp = 106 C CPU temp=55 C and Graphic card temp = 76 C and my cpu n gpu coolers fans also clean..
    is it happening bcz less power supply?
  4. Holy crap! 106C??? That' waaaay too hot!...and even 76C on that GPU is very high. I bet you can heat up your entire room with that computer on...

    If you're case and everything is clean then I'd highly recommend more airflow in your case (more fans & less dust).

    Realistically, you need a new motherboard and/or and Overall upgrade (new case, new mobo, new cpu, and if you've already got a fair bit of "airflow" in your existing case then a new videocard).

    You're PC's heating up way too high to the point where I wouldn't leave my PC running if i wasn't there...seriously, your PC's a hazard.
  5. I am surprised it works at all if thats the MB temp.
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