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Alright, I've noticed this problem with windows xp, vista, and even 7. Anytime I reformat a computer to get things back to factory settings, I always noticed the computer runs like ass afterwards. Why is this?

I use the provided OS disc, whipe all data and partitions. Then follow through the installation of windows. Once windows is installed, I load up the driver CD, install all that. I then go to windows update, do that 100 times. Then I finally download the graphics card driver, firefox, AVG, and CCleaner. What step am I missing?

Now for everyone else it seems like when they reformat, their computer is all speedy and new-like. But mine, I always notice random slow downs, internet crapping out, slow shut downs, errors, and my USB ports randomly not working. And games give me less FPS than before the reformat.

I try my best to follow all the instructions but always end up with a computer running horrible. -___- Makes me want to kill myself.
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  1. Is this an OEM PC or custom build?

    One of the problems, is that you're using AVG. It's a bit of a resource hog, and isn't as effective as some of the alternatives. Try using Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials.

    What are your hardware specs?
  2. I've done it on both OEM and custom build systems. And I'm not blaming AVG because I've been using it for 4 years and the computer is never slow with AVG. It's only until after I reformat it, that it runs like ***...even before downloading AVG. I just don't understand

    And like I said, I've noticed this on any computer I've owned from windows 98-win7. I even had a "professional" "fix" my computer. He reformatted it, and as soon as I started using it, it was acting totally messed up and slow. And this is before even installing or downloading anything...

    Currently my specs are intel core2duo 2.0ghz, 4gb DDR2 ram, 500gb HDD, ATI radeon HD 4570. It can definitely handle the few programs I install. >.<
  3. Well, I won't claim to know what you're using it for. But your current hardware specs are not great. Your CPU is slow, and the graphics card is dated.

    A lot of people claim to be 'techs,' but that doesn't mean they are good ones. At the same time, you can't turn a Pinto into a Ferrari.
  4. When I say it's slow, I mean it hangs when simply opening folders in explorer. Or freezes for no reason as if it's filled with spyware even though it has JUST been reformatted. Virus scans and Spybot S&D will tell me nothing is wrong. I right click every piece of hardware in the device manager, click "update driver" and it will tell me it's all up to date.

    I am very stumped. When I first bought my laptop, it was 100% speedy when it came to browsing the internet, and going through my folders n' ***. It stayed speedy for almost 2 years. Then I go to reformat to get things back to factory settings, and it's no longer speedy. It's as if I have no drivers installed for anything or something...
  5. Thanks Chris, but I'd just like to know what I'm doing wrong, or the reason why this happens. Any time I've reformatted a computer, it was not near as fast, responsive, and stable as when it was brand new. Like right now, Youtube videos lag (Not buffer) and firefox freezes randomly as if my processor is running super slow. I have a CPU meter running, and it hasn't gone above 20% yet though, so wtf?
  6. Have you checked how busy your hard drive is? I have a feeling that some type of drive indexing process may be to blame.
  7. I've reformated over a oem windows 7 and the computer's never ran better. When you wipe the drive, do you remember to look for partions on the drive too? Windows could be making a window.old folder with out you knowing.

    Your computer specs are more than enough for windows 7 to run so it shouldn't be a problem there.
  8. If it's freezing, check the event viewer to see if it's logging some errors.
  9. Well on this computer, I had to install windows vista before upgrading it to windows 7. So yes, I see it made a "windows old" folder. I heard I should keep it there though and not delete it.

    I've actually never checked the event viewer before or checked to see how busy the hard drive is. I have de-fragmented it after installing windows and its updates. The drive was 25% fragmented.

    I find it odd that my USB ports keep messing up, and that my LAN card is too, no matter which driver I try.
  10. start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->click on the application and system links to view the logs-->look for errors (red X's).
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