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Offline Android Games

March 2, 2013 1:54:43 PM

I have a new 10" Android 4 tablet, and am planning on taking it with me on a trip later this year. I was wondering if anyone can give me some good (free or paid within reason) games. I have two specific types of game I'm looking for, however. I don't like shooter games or arcade games to a point. I need them to be offline - no internet required, and single-player, savable progress to flash drive or SDCard. I need it to be one that doesn't require facebook or any of that nonsense, and preferably one that I can play for hours on a plane.

I would like some kind of kingdom-building game with limited amounts of fighting or at least fighting that I don't have to directly control. I'm more interested in the economics and planning. I'm also not big on real-time games, but that's probably impossible to avoid on Android. Most of the simulation games I have seen that are similar require internet, or have too much fighting. Some older PC games of the type that I'm looking for: Crusader Kings, The Guild, Lords of the Realm, Caesar

I would also like an adventure-type, questing, puzzle-solving game, sort of like a treasure seek or land discovery, and limited fighting. Not necessarily brain-busters. I just don't have the reflexes required for a lot of fighting, and it gets frustrating. Maybe something like the old RPG games that gave you a choice. Some older games similar: Myst, Lionheart, Lords of Magic, Timelapse, Monkey Island

Thanks to all!

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