How important is it to keep FSB:DRAM @1:1

Just wondering how important it is for performance to keep the FSB and mem freq at a 1:1 ratio.

for running e.g. 3D games I've heard lower latency is the key on A64's but having 2-2-2-5 will limit the max freq.

so does it matter that your FSB is much higher than your Mem freq as far as performance is concerned.

Obviously the mem freq will limit the total bandwidth the CPU can use. But when the total bandwidth is not ultilised will the performance acctually be better due to the lower timings ?
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  1. Keeping them at 1:1 wont get you much of a performance gain in most games at stock speeds, but a generally higher overclock at 1:1 WILL. any RAM that runs at 2-2-2-5 nowadays can do ddr500 EASY with slightly relaxed timings and a bit of extra voltage. Plus, since the a64 are multiplier unlocked, you can run 1:1 at almost any fsb your ram can handle as long as you change the cpu and hypertransport multipliers to compensate. good luck.

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