How much to o/c?

Getting the Chaintech VNF4, a winchester 3000+, some Patriot PC3200 w/ lowest latencies, and a zalman cooler. I'd like to overclock it to reach the same performance a s754 3400+. I'm thinking if I bring the bus speed up to about 225ish and raise the mulltiplier to about 9.5 or 10, a clock speed of 2150mhz and the faster memory/bus speed will get me about even with a 3400+. Does this sound correct?
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  1. All Non-FX A64's are multiplier locked upwards, so your 3000+ has a 9 multiplier, and that's all the higher it'll go. You'll have to up the fsb to reach the 3400+ goal.

    IIRC, the 754 3400+ is a 200x11=2.2ghz, 1mb cache cpu. Might need a bit more than 225 because you can't up your multiplier, maybe 233 (making 2100mhz)? I'm not sure what the ratio of performance increase to fsb is on the A64's, but that sounds like it's in the ballpark - maybe try for 240.

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