How would you configure this ???

Hi ,
If you were in possesion of these hardwares how would you configure them and go about overclocking them ???

System 1 (my current system)

Mother Board = Asus p4p800 SE
CPU = Pentium 4 (Prescott) 2.8 Ghz (800) E 1 Mb L cache
RAM = Samsung DDR-SDR Memory in Dual 256 MB (512total)
AGP = Radeon 7500 64mb.

SYSTEM 2 (My future intented system)

Mother Board = Asus p5GDC Pro
CPU = Pentium 4 (Prescott) 530 (800)1 Mb L cache
RAM = Samsung DDR2-SDR Memory in Dual 512 MB (1GBtotal)
AGP = GeForce 6600 (or which ever you think would be good)

Please tell me how you would set up and configure these systems and how you would overclock these systems...
Any extra suggestions and reccomendations would be appreciated

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  1. IMHO, if you are purchasing a new configuration for the sole purpose of overclocking I would imagine that a lot more bang for your buck could be had with a system of comparable price based on an AMD processor. Furthermore overclocking on these platforms tends to be easier with more rewarding results, again, my personal opinion. However, if you were to overclock these systems it would be by raising the FSB, as their multiplier is locked. However, be very mindful of the heat, as these chips run hot even when performing under normal operating parameters. Too much heat could easily cause the chip to throttle, making the overclock essentially worthless. So unless you are overclocking purely for recreational purposes, or plan on buying some serious cooling, check out some of the alternatives. I believe it would be money more wisely spent.....

    ABIT NF7-S v2.0
    Athlon Mobile 2600+ 45-watt (IQYHA) (11x227) 1.825v
    GeForce 5900 (BIOS modded to 5950 Ultra)
    Kingston HyperX PC4000 1x512 (2.5-4-3-7)
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