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I am looking for an OLD PC game that i played as a child. The premis of the game was that you controled a 5 man team of gem miners.

The game was a PVP and a PVE game in the sense that there was a second team of miners who were also mining the same segment of dirt as you. If one of the crew members from te other team met your team members than they would fight until one of them died.

From what i remember, there were three "races" of mining crews each had its strengths and weaknesses. You used the money from the gems you found to purchase equipment like an elevator life or a drill.

Does anyone have any idea what that game was called? Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. goldfields?
  2. nope :( Thanks for trying!

    If i remember correctly it was on one of the "101 only best games" CDs that came out in the 90s.

    Anyone know where i can buy those old CDs? maybe I can get it from there :P
  3. Sounds like a fun game to be honest.
    Have you tried googling some key words about the game?

    Good Luck
  4. Oh it was a blast!!! :)

    I did try googling it but i think its one of those forgotten games.
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