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If you OC the CPU, should the ram be set to async or left on sync with the following specs-

2.4D Cel, Asus P4S800-MX, 256DDR 3200 Ram, WinME.
The standard FSB of the CPU is 533 and the board supports FSB's of 400 to 800.

OC is by using the bios and setting the FSB only. I have tried this setting first- 167/33 and it ran OK, and reported a CPU of 3019. Ram was set on sync, but should it be set to async anyway.


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  1. Synch is going to get you better performance, as long as the ram can handle it. The ram you have is good up to 200mhz, so... Synch.

    Hmm, I guess you could set it to asynch and try setting the RAM to 200, that may, or may not, give you a performance boost. You'll have to run some benchmarks/tests to see.
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