Best Wireless Optical Mouse?

I'm looking for the best optical wireless mouse for work. Any recommendations?

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  1. The Logitech cordless optical is the ONLY one around (that I've heard of, an I've looked around).
    I've got it, and it's very nice.

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  2. Ok. Thanks. By the way, have you heard about the finger mouse...the one one that is worn like a ring on your index finger? I saw it advertised once. Can't remember where.

    ---I'm not crazy...everyone else is!
  3. I barely remember something like that, but I doubt it's any good.

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  4. I have the logitech too, not the cheapest mouse around but I recommend it.

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  5. dwfinitly logitec i have the keybaord combo. works great. worth every penny i think

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  6. How long's the battery life on those wireless optical mouse?

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  7. Depend on how much you use them.
  8. Long enough.

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  9. good luck

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