F1 2012 requiring directx 11 support

I have a problem with getting f1 2012 to run on my pc, it says directx 10 or 11 support required. but my gfx card is nvidia geforce 7300 se/7200 gs which supports directx 9 and system OS is windows 8. is there any way by which i can run the game?
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  1. You need to buy a new GPU that supports DX11. You probably would be able to run it on that GPU anyway.
  2. Nope. You need to buy a graphics card that can support DX10 or DX11.

    A relatively inexpensive card that can allow you to do so is the Radeon HD 6670 which can run on just about any 300w PSU. It generally costs about $60. A better card would be the Radeon HD 7750 which can also run on a 300w PSU. It is more expensive though at $90 (if there's a rebate) - $110. It is basically equal to the Radeon HD 6770 and is a significant upgrade from the Radeon HD 6670.
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