NorthBridge too hot? Effecting Memory?? Help

I increased the fsb on my mobo and read that this should also increase the heat on my northbridge chip. Is this true?

I already had a heatsink on the northbridge so will i need another one other than stock. BTW I touched it and it was ok/warm.

The bigger issue is when i set the FSB to 133mhz, the computer with restart after 10 minutes, and random irrelivant errors will pop up. when i run programs or try to play games, it will restart immediatly saying at the bottom on a blue screen 'memory dump..'.

My ram was running at pc133 so when i change it to pc100 through bios, programs will runs and i get less errors, but after 10 or even 5 minutes in to the program, the computer will restart with the same message.

I am seriously clueless on the problem, can someone help?

BTW thanks for reading all of that,:)
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  1. Sounds like your memory timings are too agressive.
    Not sure how your motherboard reports timings. Most boards have 5 sets of options example 2/2/2/5/8 is the most agressive. 3/4/4/8/8 is least agressive. 2.5/3/3/6/8 is in the middle somewhere. Try lowering your timings.

    Some boards would run the ram faster than the cpu. typical would be 100/100 or 133/133 but on some boards you could specify 100/133 133/133 or 133/133+33 which would overclock the ram considerably.

    Check your timings.

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  2. Lol, you don't have to sign anything.

    I have been playing around with the ram assuming that was the problem. In my bios, all i can change is cas and that's from 2 to 3.

    So right know as i type, the FSB is at 100mhz the ram is at 100mhz cas 2. Everything works fine, not a single error.

    Bring the ram from pc100 to 133, and there is problems. Leave it at pc100 and put the FSB to 133mhz and there is problems again.

    I did a little research on the microsoft site and found the error usually leaves the name of the hardware that caused it. Mine had no such thing. It also said i can check if it saved a log but everytime i boot in debug mode, the computer freezes at the desktop without loading any start ups and the mouse is frozing.
  3. Thats his sig!

    To save us both time, assume I know EVERYTHING :tongue:
  4. hehe

    Have you read the FAQ? Looked for previous posts on this topic?
  5. LOL, ya well sigs are more obvious on other forums. I like the seperation ned makes between his sig.

    Any help, i haven't gotten any further.
  6. Try putting the CAS to 3 with the memory @ 133 (or memory to 100 and fsb 133)

    There may be another type of setting - 'turbo mode' or 'optimized defaults', or something else like that that appears to have no other use, but it has a good sounding title - like "system parameters" or something. Change that to 'safe' or 'normal' (not the faster sounding one) and it may improve stability in this case.

    Some mobo's (Your older board may or may not have one) have a setting like that to change internal timings, and since you're overclocking your fsb, you're oc'ing the rest of the system, so those timings may need to be relaxed as well.


    PS: I know I'm not making much sense, but I know I've seen the bios setting, and I just can't think of what it was called - and different mobos called it different things.
  7. I've actually tryed both, at FSB 133, there is unstability and at pc133 there is also unstability, even though they weren't changed at the same time or on/o'ced at the same time.

    There is a setting in bios called optimized settings, i tryed it once and had to change back the settings because cas 2 on pc133 was unstable.

    There really isn't any other timings i know about or noticed in the bios, so these aren't changeable in my bios.

    If it helps, i have Kingston Value Ram 128mb pc133 (x2).
  8. thanks. I know what you mean.

    Read the friggin FAQ, and use the search button or I'll kick yer face in!
  9. What's funny Wusy, is that i've already taken a look at those pics some time ago. Unfortunetly it doesn't really relate to my problem.

    I don't know if i said it already, but because my ram is rated pc133 and the temp of the cpu on restart is at a max of 43 celsius, I thought maybe my northbridge was the main reason of unstability ( seeing how it already a heatsink on it but it's only warm).

    Other things i've explored, is the possible fact that my pci was o'ced with the FSB and that maybe some integrated component wasn't running properly at that frequency. Doubt that though, since the mobo has specific settings to allow to put the fsb to 133. BTW i have a network & radeon 7000 in pci slot. Is it possible one of the two or both have conflict at high clock speeds?
  10. My mobo is a ecs p6vem via chipset (it doesn't exactly mention the model number).
  11. What do u mean pci divider. How can there be a good one ( i think it's just the number of slots which is 3).

    And i really didn't o'c it, i changed the jumpers to set it on 133mhz.

    I am considering increasing the voltage, but i don't know how on this mobo.
  12. What he means by divider is this.

    fsb 100/3=33.3pci bus speed
    fsb 133/3=44.3pci bus speed.
    fsb 133/4=33.3pci bus speed
    Your chipset probably does not support the 4 pci divider to make the PCI bus run at 33mhz speed. So you are overclocking the PCI bus at 133 fsb.

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  13. Good u said that it supports 1/4, because i was also thinking that i was o'cing the pci clock and then i was thinking about taking out everything in the pci slot and see if maybe one of my harwares was the problem. Now u saved me the trouble of doing that.

    As for modbin, i don't know what it is and i wouldn't be surprised if it's an award winning bios.
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