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Before I'd start I'd just like to point out I am a 16 year old student who's been sticking to a tight budget of £500 (and no my parents did not fund this.) My previous build has done me well for around two years, however I've decided that it's time to upgrade. I have already purchased most of these parts already but the machine hasn't actually been put together yet. It'd be awesome if I could get some general feedback on the overall build, how it will perform and any suggestions for future upgrades.

Here are the components (I have not yet purchased the gfx card as of 04/04/13):

CASE -- Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430 Midi Tower with Window (black) £38.98

MOTHERBOARD -- Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77-DS3H Motherboard £68.93

PROCESSOR -- Intel Core I5-3470 Processor (3.20GHZ, 6MB Cache, Socket 1155) £147.93

RAM -- Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 XMS3 8GB Two Memory Module Kit (brought over from my last rig) £0.00

HARD DRIVE -- Seagate 1TB 3.5 inch 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA3 Hard Drive £55.00

GRAPHICS CARD -- Sapphire 11200-07-20G Graphics Card (2GB, HD7850, GDDR5) £148.59

PSU -- CIT 500w Micro Atx Power Supply :/ £0.00

I have not currently bought the Sapphire 7850 because I was originally planning on purchasing the Asus 7870 2GB card, but my budget changed ever so slightly meaning I could no longer afford it. I also considered the GTX 650ti however a little research comparing it with the 7850 suggests its not quite as powerful. If someone could shed some light on what would be my best move with the GFX that'd be great. I have £160 left to spend for the build.

Just for to aid you in your advice, I not huge over-the-top gamer. I play games such as Garry's Mod, Minecraft (bring on the hate :D), Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and a few other indie titles. However, it'd be nice to know that if I wished to play a few more graphically demanding games my build would be able to handle it. I also use Fraps a lot for recording gameplay so smooth fram rate during recording would be nice. Finally rendering 1080p footage on Sony Vegas is another consideration.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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  1. Everything looks fine really. Do you already have that PSU? Something from a more reliable brand such as Corsair, Antec or Seasonic would be better if you haven't bought it yet.

    The 7850 will do what you want. It can be overclocked to the point where it is similar to a stock 7870 in performance. It can easily record GMod, Minecraft and Black Ops II, and the Sony Vegas rendering will be quite fast.

    Do you already have a copy of Windows? If not you'll obviously want to get one.
  2. I sugest 1st don't use that power supply in case it destroys everything else, also check other sites like Aria, Ebuyer, Scan, Novatech for prices what you have looks OK but I am sure you could save £20-40 overall.
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