Maximum Requirements for FARCRY 3.

I am I have a AMD FX 6100 bulldozer (Six Core), 12 GB RAM (3 x 4 GB DDR3 ) 128 SSD and 2 TB HDD , Nvidia GE FORCE GTX 650 Ti and 700 Watt PSU with a QORI Case and 4 coolers. Can I Run FARCRY 3 in Ultra High Definition at 1900 X 1080 resolution?
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  1. you would have issues running it at that setting, i would think unplayable with low framerates.

    also i have to ask, why do you have 3 x 4GB of ddr3, you do know that your system is not running in dual channel mode due to that and will also hinder on performance, probably best to take out one stick until you can get 1 more
  2. The 650Ti will limit you to medium settings if you want smooth game play.
  3. at that resolution my friend , who has a rig almost similar to yours(he has a 650 non ti), plays on everything high(not ultra nor very high)......with a stable 55+ frame rate and never dips below 50.....

    i think that if you want to do ultra, set a resolution of 1600*900 and you will be sailing above 50......
  4. as simon says medium settings. but if you turn down post processing to minimum (not off) use fxaa and set the render ahead to 1 you should manage to get medium high for the rest without to much of a hit on fps.
  5. I was bassing my view on toms benchmarks

    But I then thought I play it on Ultra @ 2560x1440 with a 6950 2Gb which is slightly weaker than a 7850, I have the MSAA on 2x but with the increased res. than should make the FPS seriously low, I never checked the FPS but its smooth as I need it and never lags, so maybe you will be OK on high but ultra I really suspect not, but since I can play it well above what I should who knows.
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