Tomb Raider 2013

The moment I came back from office, I loaded my steam and check if TR is available or not and it was. I have always been fan of games which have a past, a legacy, and IMO TR is on the top.

This time TR has come up with a totally different gameplay compared to any of previous versions. The combat is much much better, actually only this time TR has some real combat. The exploration part is very different and this time they have a skill upgrades which can be spent on various skills, (much like Mass Effect). Not to mention GRAPHICS are AWeSOME. I am not sure if TR is the first game to use it but the hair effect or TressFX is amazing. It alone consumes so much of GPU that if I run everything on Max and keep TressFX OFF, my FPS is around 30, and the moment TressFX is turned on and make everything to Minimum, including VSYNC and Antiliasing OFF, the FPS drops down to less than 10. Till now my GTX460 Hawk was able to run any game though with some performance degradation if on MAX, however TressFX has just refused to run on it, so I guess I will have to do without it for now.

I have not given much gameplay today as excitement is too much to handle for now, in the coming days when the feeling has somewhat settled, I think I am going to go to office with red eyes.
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  1. hey just wanted to say thanks for posting your findings i was wondering what was wrong i was getting minimum fps of 25 and jumping to 50's, it does seem to be the tressFX causing it as without i have a solid 60fps, kinda making me wish I had a 7970 now lol, I totally agree too the graphics are awesome and the gameplay it is living up to what i had hoped for
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