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So I'm looking to build a PC, but I don't know very much about building computers. I want to be able to play primarily Starcraft 2 and be able to run video editing programs. I've done some research, and a NVIDIA GTX 560 ti graphics card and an Intel i5 proccesor should work, but since my computer knowledge is not very good, I'm just not really sure. If anyone knows if these will work, or if you have suggestions, that would be great.
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  1. SC2 Heart of the swarm is coming out in about a weak so wait 10 days until there are some benchmarks for it and base your build on that. If your still not sure start a new thread then.
  2. Sounds good. I'll probably just wait and then use iBUY or some other websites for reference. Unfortunately, I only know about proccessors and graphics cards a little bit. I don't know about motherboards, cases, power supply, etc. So thats gonna be a problem.
  3. I have it preordered so if you want you can PM me 24 hours after release and I can let you know if I can max it on a Phenom 2 x4 @ 3.6GHz and a Radeon 6950 2Gb (slightly worse than a 7850). I can on the current version but I have no idea how much more demanding HOTS is.
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