Uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 trial version

I am trying to install full version of MO 2007 on my Windows 7 -32 bit, but it shows Error: "Office12 doesn't support upgrading from a prerelease version of Office12. Please uninstall any prerelease versions of Office12. Then re-run the set-up". I had a trial version of MO 2007 which expired. So i manually deleted MO 2007 trial version through Control Panel. But the error message still persists. Any ideas would be appreciated!
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  1. Hello kipish;
    That "prerelease version of Office12" says to me you had either a beta or release candidate version of Office installed.
    That's usually different from a 'free trial version' which is usually the actual finished software and comes pre-installed on some computers from the factory.
    You might need to do a manual install of the MS Office "prerelease version" and I think the instructions here can lead you in the right direction. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928218
    You can try the Microsoft Fixis Wizard and see if that will work for you. Most than likely it's an issue in the Registry.
  2. Happened to me once, unsintall all trace of office in your install/uninstall a programm
  3. I kipish and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Run ccleaner, reboot the rig and try again.
  4. uninstall with revo uninstaller!
  5. Uninstall with an uninstaller other than windows might help, your uninstaller or revo uninstaller
  6. Thank you for yr advise!

    i tried all of them with no luck: CCleaner, Revo, FixIt (they don't have one btw for Win7, as everytime i download one it doesn't work saying "not compatible with your operational system", i mean FixIt programme for uninstalling MS 2007).

    as far as i can see it with my monkey eye, there is no trace of MS 2007 left, but i might be wrong and its bits are still lurking somehere in the shadowy corners of my laptop!

    also, WR2 may be right, as that trial version of MS 2007 came pre-installed on my brand-new laptop along with Win 7 as part of the full package, fully functional and cheerful. 3 months later and i need to replace it with a full version of MS myself. So seems to be a dilemma, as i cannot do it :heink:

    I wonder if other alternatives would work in such situations, e.g. MS 2010, haven't tried yet, but maybe i should!
  7. Normally a new copy[new software, eg, word 2010] will automatically upgrade your current software-

    what happened when you tried with several uninstallers ?
  8. CClear and Revo did a good job cleaning/wiping the system of bits and pieces of junk, incl the traces of ms 2007 until nothing could be found. Nevertheless i still couldn't launch setup.exe. Have no idea why!

    Without much scratching i rammaged through my shelves and pulled out my old ms 2003. Started from the first kick. I cried :sweat:

    As usual i drew my conclusions from this experience!

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