PS3 PSU getting extremely hot?

Hey all,

I have been on Toms Hardware getting some really good advice for a nice gaming build I'll be doing in just about a month and I have really enjoyed my time here on the forums. And I hope that someone here can help me with a problem that seems to be on a lot of forums out there, but without a true answer.

My problem is that today, and really for about the past week, my PS3 has been shutting off mid game. I've read around and it seems to be said that the power supply can be the culprit, and I can't say I disagree because right now, as I type this, my console has been running the COD BLOPS 2 menu screen for about 20 minutes and the power supply is so hot I can't even touch it. I'm expecting the thing to shut off in just a few minutes when it reaches that "max" temp and it tries to save itself.

Has anyone had this problem before? I've read somewhere that you can either replace the PSU or rig some big gaming fan to it so that it stays cool, but I am just so baffled as to why now I have to go through this? What could have caused this in the first place?

I guess I'm coming to these forums to know what kind of PSU company I should seek out to replace it (My PS3 is the original fat 60GB one, I bought it a week after it was released). Or should I go the route of modding the case and rigging up a fan?

Thanks for any help you guys are able to offer me, and have a good one!
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  1. Well I figured since I had 33 views and no reply I could give some kind of update to try and kick start the conversation.

    I have been trying to narrow down variables all day, and I think that the power supply is not the true issue here. I have found that if I blow a fan on the power supply the unit will stay very cool while the system is on; however, when I was trying this method I still had the console turn off on me while I was playing COD. I also thought it might be a problem with the thermal paste on the CPU or GPU, but I have since opened the console up and it seems to still be very "gooey" and I spread it out just a bit more than it was and the system still doesn't seem to want to play for more than 30 mins to an hour.

    Hope someone can shed some light on the situation, at least give me something else to try! Thanks again guys, hope I can figure this out.
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