Planetside 2/Battlefield 3/ Crysis performance questions.

I am wondering If I can run the above listed games at around 40fps at 1440 by 900.
I know I have low tier specs but I am hopeful.

CPU- i7 3720qm @ 2.6
GPU- 650m
8gbs of 1600 MHz ram.

I am a bit of a noob but I am really just starting to dive into the world of true pc gaming and pc building. Any help I can receive is very appreciated.

Thanks, Jason.
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  1. i think i answered in your another question about battlefield, like i said ^_^
    desktop is better for games, but if you go out a lot, get a laptop, and your choice is good, but to get a better performance . get a 680m or 675m for a laptop
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