Can someone recommend a new QUIET CPU fan?

I have an AMD Athlon XP 2100+ sitting on a Epox nForce2 8RDA MB. I currently have a large Thermaltake which works fine but I can hear it 2 rooms overs. Not looking to spend a bundle and I do no OC the CPU. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. First of all It could be something other thaan ure CPU fan
    For the CPU get a zaman 7700 or 7000 series
    On the low setting u cant hear em at all

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  2. silenX fans are realy quiet yet pretty spendy (16?).

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  3. yep i have a sienx fans and power supply cant hear my comp running even if i try

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    Its $10 plus $5 shipping and the customer reviews are positive. It uses an 80mm 2500 rpm fan so it should be quiet.

    I ordered one yesterday to silence a friends PC, so I will proably know my Tuesday if it is any good, and when the fan wears out I can just pop in a regular case fan to replace it.
  5. Nexus makes the quietest fans. I have a 92mm one on my Thermalright heatsink and I can barely hear it. It replaced a SilenX fan of the same size which was noticeably louder, which despite being rated at 14dba was probably more like 21.

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