Can i run Crisis 3 and God of war?

Processor - Amd A4 5300 3.4Ghz Dual Cores
Video Card - Power color Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128Bit
Memory Ram - 8Gb
O.S - Windows 7 32Bit
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  1. Crysis 3 will play on the lowest settings and res. but not smoothly or what most people would consider playable. I think any other game that exists should be playable at the right settings.
  2. if you are using 8 gbs of ram with ram on a 32 bit windows seven..........
    then 4 gbs of ram are simply being wasted......
    because 32bit systems utilize a maximum of 4 gb ram.....
    install a 64 bit OS or simply remove one 4 gb stick from your mobo......
  3. a4 is under spec for crysis by some margin as is the gfx card. your looking at 10-20 fps on low settings.
    god of war isnt offically released on pc, it runs of emulation of the ps2 which in itself is illegal if you dont own a ps2 and there in lies the rub.
    toms doesnt condone piracy so there is no help here for you...
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