Recommend some games optimized for ATI cards

Just built a new gaming machine. basic specs:

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Pro4
CPU: intel i5-3570k
GPU: Sapphire HD 7870 XT
Ram: 4x2 (8gb) Corsair Vengeance

With that said...

I know some games are optimized with certain cards in mind. Some will have special graphical settings only able to be used on nvidia, while others only for ATI. I know more probably lean toward nvidia for these special optimized features. But I'm curious what games I should look for that have some special features that are ATI only, or more or less work on both, but optimized more for ATI.

Does not have to be like fairly new, but within the past few years.
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  1. optimized for amd over nvidia is a bit of a myth. there are a few games that have the gaming evolved logo but there is often no appreciable difference in perfomance over an nvidia card on them games.
    yes they will get a little more help on the gfx api but not so much that it storms away with a performance lead. if that was the case the games market would be much more fractured. so in real terms you can say apart from 1 or 2 titles performance is pretty similar regardless of brand.
    tome raider 2013 for instance uses trezfx which is comparable to nvidia physx it doesnt make a whole lot of difference other than laras hair and a few flags flapping in the wind.
    alice the madness returns uses nvidia physx to draw blobs on the ground and in batman archam his cape has a little more motion. neither of them can compare to havok or frostbyte engine which both run off the cpu. so physx and tresfx are pretty much just gimmicks.
  2. I've come to learn (at least for the moment) that AMD cards have exclusive features in the new Tom Raider that Nvidia don't (which kind'of ticks me off as I'm an Nvidia user).

    Check out my thread for more info:
  3. @Alex The PC Gamer

    this is exactly why you are a Nvidia card owner ^^ (no hating, i loved my old 8800GT r.i.p)

    +1 to HEXiT though ^^ every card is good in its way, choose what suits YOU the best
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