Sim City 2013 or XL 2012?

I heard from a friend that Simcity 2013 sucks because of the small maps and not being able to lay highways. So can anyone give their experience on it that has actually played sim city 2013? Should I get cities XL or Sim city 2013?
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  1. I own City Life 2008, Cities XL, and Cities XL 2012. All I can say is, they look pretty damn nice. I mean REALLY nice.

    they do not have near the depth of any sim city game I have ever played though, and they can be a bit buggy when running on a multi core cpu, due to memory leak issues. Not sure if the memory leak issues have been resolved yet.

    Now here is the main thing that will sway people either way. In Cities XL, the maps you get, that is it. No terrain creation of any kind. In Sim city (not sure if in 2013), you can actually adjust terrain height, make mountains, create rivers and lakes, etc.. This is important for creating a better feel of complete simulation control. Just not an option in any of the cities XL games sadly.

    So based on experience:

    Cities XL = better looking (even better than 2013 from what I've seen), less micro managing, so easier to get into and start creating. But hampered by multi core issues (unless they fixed em)

    Sim City = Custom terrain mapping, more in depth gameplay, albeit harder to get into, much more satisfying. You can just do a LOT more.
  2. Yeah, my friend said even i single player mode in simcity 2013 there is no terrain tools like SC4 has. If you want to build on a mountain side it is auto leveled according to him.
  3. I played Cities XL 2012 for a bit, but I stopped 'cause of other priorities. However, I've never played any of the Sim City games. The only other city sim games I've played are Caesar I and II.

    Overall, I like Cities XL, the big downside is that you cannot build a self sufficient city unless you use community created mods that give you expanded options. For example, you need farmland to build farms to produce food. Some maps do not have any or very few. Therefore, you must import food into your city (either from one of your other cities or from "Big Brother"). One community created mod is a greenhouse that allows you to grow food anywhere you can place that structure.

    The Sim Cities have disasters that can destroy / damage your city. Cities XL has no such thing which might seem boring if you're into having the occasional disaster.

    I would like to play Cities XL again since I only created 3 cities, but I need to find time to do so.
  4. None of those games actually exist!

    There's no SimCity 2013. There is, however, SimCity 5.

    There's no SimCity 2008. There is, however, SimCity 4.

    And there is certainly no CitiesXL 2012.

    Dear GOD at least know the names of the games you're talking about!
  5. Cities XL 2012 review:

    I think that game certainly exists.

    Also, people have referred to the current SimCity game as "SimCity 2013". This as also also the case for Tomb Raider released in 2013; many people have referred to it as "Tomb Raider 2013". This has also been done for movies as well. For example, JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie released in 2009. Some refer to it simply as the new Star Trek movie, JJ's Star Trek or Star Trek 2009.


    I simply don't understand why people register in this forum to reply to old thread. We certainly do not need those kind of members.

    I find it very ironic that the person who posts about other people not knowing what other people are talking about is the actual one who do not know anything at all.
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