Zalman CNPS7700-CU or ThermalRight XP-120?

Well i im building a new system and im going to overclock the AMD 3500 939 socket to 2.6 or higher, well i hope. I want to know which one of the following is the best
Zalman CNPS7700-CU
ThermalRight XP-120

if its the ThermalRight one then what fan is the best, im not bothered about the noise.
The fan that looks like the best ive seen so far is the Delta 120mm Focussed Flow Fan with 190CFM ~ 59dBa

thanks in advance
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  1. Overclocking with a Zalman is no-no-baby...
    Get the XP-120, but make sure that it fits on your mobo

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  2. Ok, what fan should i mount on the ThermalRight? and is it all about CFM?
  3. The more CFM (the amount of air it blows) the more heat it can take away from the Heatsink, so yes, the more CFM the better. But that comes with a dB-pricing, the more CFM the more dB it makes.

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  4. could u recommend a 120mm fan, i dont really matter about noise, or is 190CFM the best u would find.
  5. "Overclocking with a Zalman is no-no-baby.."

    Why is this?

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  6. I agree with you the CNPS7700-CU is 1 hell of a heatsink, and people have pulled off great overclocks on it.
  7. Anyone think about the XP-90C?

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  8. XP120 performs better so why bother with a heatsink that costs more and weighs 2x more.
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