Just a heads up to anyone on the fence of buying this game .... DO NOT. Wait out the server/connection issues.

I preordered it, in the almost 48 hours it has been out servers have been accessible for 2-3 hours. Once connected constant game crashes occur and you will LOSE some or all of your progress when the servers crash. Save your money ....... wait a week or two to see if EA sorts their crap out.
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  1. Yeah, their servers have been way overloaded. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions swarming to download the game the second it launches...

    Not a good scenario.
  2. Yeah think this was my last game I willever purchase that requires you to be online to play. With exception of MMO's
  3. I wouldnt say "dont buy" but instead say "wait".

    In a month, the server issues will be fixed - but keep in mind, its part MMO and played completely online. Make your own decision about always-on and whether the gameplay is worth it.

    It's definitely a game that deserves a trial version.
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