Looking for new Keyboard, Does USB KB are this bad?

A few months ago my last old ps/2 keyboard started having problems with some keys so I thought that I should stop using old decade keyboards.
So I went to buy a USB keyboard for the first time, so I bought an Logitech Media Keyboard K200, thinking it was going to be enough for my light gaming, and anyhting else.

But I was wrong, This has been the worst KB I've ever had. Why?

In short It just SUCKS for gaming,
- High delay in CPU intensive applications like console emulation.
- Lost keystrokes so fighting and racing games become a nightmare and also in the after mentioned situation.
- With certain key combinations, you can end with a virtually stuck key, and can only be solved by hitting repeatedly a lot of keys at the same time.

But the interesting thing is that I've never had any of these problems with my old PS/2 KBs, which normally were used bundled keyboards from office PCs from the end of the last century that I took from my depot.

Now normally I connected it in a front USB panel because my pc is used most of the time as HTPC and I need as much length as I can so I tried using the Mouse and KB dedicated USB ports, and kept having the same problem.

So I have three options, buy a gaming keyboard, buy an wireless keyboard (which I'm afraid could be worst), or keep using old and trusty PS/2 Keyboards from the last century.

Oh I want to mention that I normally use an Logitech M570 wireless trackball that uses a unified receiver and I have had a pretty good experience with it in games but I'm not sure if I use it with other devices like the KB could detriment is performance and end up with problems in both sides.

As for gaming KB I liked this one:
Thermaltake eSPORTS Meka
I liked it because it saves me space in my tiny desk where I can barely 3/4 of a keyboard and the trackball side by side, also has numpad and a large enter key unlike most of the English keyboard layouts.

For the Wireless could be the Logitech K800
But I'm not sure because I don't like its keys, layout, and the fact that it could make my game experience even worst.

So guys what would you recommend me?
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  1. Do anyone has an opinion about this please, I want to buy my new Keyboard on this weekend but I need at least an small answer.
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    If you are having trouble with issues relating to what is known as "n-key rollover", stick with a mechanical keyboard. (n-key rollover problems being, once you hit "n" buttons you have issues, depends on the keyboard what happens when you hit the third button, fourth button, etc).
    If you want a small keyboard a decent mechanical keyboard without the num pad is the Cooler Master CMStorm QuickFire Rapid - one of the cheaper options at $65:
  3. Thanks for the suggestion jacobsta811, I really love the Cooler Master but I would have preferred the "Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire TK" the only thing that bugs me about them is the US layout which I "hate", and my favorite UK version is pretty difficult to find.

    Now about that one you posted can only use "NKRO in PS/2 mode" which would be good if I can get some sort of extension cable for PS/2, so I can sit farther from my TV.

    EDIT: Oh I found an PS/2 extensions on newegg, but still bugging me the layout which could drive me crazy and I don't want to repent my purchase of the most expensive keyboard I've had.
  4. I found some fitting keyboards for my likes:

    steelseries 6GV/2 64255 USB or PS/2 Wired Mechnical Gaming Keyboard (Red Switch)

    ZOWIE GEAR CELERITAS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w. RTR Technology

    Or this last one which I'm not sure because the type of switch:
    Tt eSPORTS KNUCKER Plunger KB-KNK008US Black USB or PS/2 Wired Gaming Keyboard
    I want a silent switch, I don't think there is a need for feedback for me.
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