One more crysis 3 question.

i know this has been asked dozens of times but i am another crysis lover and am wondering if my comp can run crysis 3 on low to medium settings at a resolution of under 1440 X 900. the reason i ask this is because i have seen people play it on an intel core 2 duo. but i am doubtful if my particular version of duo(E4700) will run it. i have tried checking it on systemrequirementlabs and other sites but the answer is not really conclusive. so please help. here are my specs.

intel core 2 duo E4700 @2.6 ghz
2gb RAM
ATI HD 6670 DDR3 1GB.
win 7 ultimate x86

thank you in advance.
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  1. What's your operating system?
  2. windows 7 of course. sorry, forgot to mention it. win 7 ultimate x86.
  3. well guys? i wanna buy it today. so please help. anybody know if i can run it?
  4. the 6670 will run crysis 3 at 20fps on low settings @720p. so no...
    maybe you should look up toms hardwares crysis gfx card round up on the main page.
  5. well mate, thanks for the reply. but i cant afford to buy another card at least for 3 months more. so can you tell me if i would be able to run it on at least 800 x 600 ( i have a 19 inch monitor ) with shadows and AA turned off?
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    It may be borderline playable with the lowest everything settings but you will not enjoy the game with lag you will get.
  7. ok man, thanks for your help.
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