Apollo Pro 133A chipset/ Geforce 2 incompatible?

Is there a fix for this problem as of yet? I'm runnning Win2k, Tyan Tiger dual P3 733mhz,w/VIA Apollo Pro 133a chipset,AGP4X (2.0 compliant), 512mb pc133(major). Using Guillemot 3D Prophet II Ultra video card. Can't start Win2k in in AGP 4X mode. I tried manual settings for AGP like "CC" and "EA" , to no avail. It does run in 2x mode. Any help is much appreciated! TIA -Lum
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  1. Have you installed the latest 4in1 drivers?

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  2. Same to me, i´ve installed win2k with the latests 4in1 drivers, agp via driver and so on, i´ve even done what tomshardware says about kx133 editing the machine.inf registri but nothing happens,may be is not the appropiate for my kt133 via motherboard,is someone knows what to do..please help me too.

    Here you have some info, may be this is fine for you:




    well, see you.
  3. This link is to an interesting article. <A HREF="http://www.insanehardware.com/articles.php?i=00003" target="_new">http://www.insanehardware.com/articles.php?i=00003</A>

    The majority of the mainboards listed on this page have VIA Apollo Pro chipsets.

    Whether this is relevant to your current situation, you'll have to check for yourself. But I recall researching this page once before, a few months back, and there were <i>some</i> incompatibility issues with older 440BX/LX/ZX chipsets and VIA Apollo Pro chipsets. That's what this page claims, anyway.


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