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What game should I get I have $10 (On Steam).
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  1. If budgets are tight, hold onto it until theres a sale for something you want.
  2. You could play PlanetSide 2. It is Free to Play. You only pay for what you want. There is a subscription or you can buy station cash to buy stuff in game. However, me and a few buddies started out just doing the play for free which is the full game you just have to earn certs in game to buy stuff. If you like FPS games this is a fun game.

    Max Payne 3 is on special for $13.49. That is a fun game and a must play if you ever played the first 2. If you never played the first 2 there is a bundle for both at $5.09. They are older, but a good story.

    The first Portal is $9.99 and is a fun game if you like puzzles.

    I don't see to many good specials right now for $10.
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