Any MMO Racing games for PC?

I downloaded need for speed world and its fun because the graphics are nice and there are A LOT of people on it... But it kind of has that cheap free feeling because to buy S points which are for buying cars and performance parts you need to buy them online with real cash. Are there any other good ones? I mean a game that I can buy that doesn't have that feeling and still has a lot of people on.
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  1. Dirt 3
  2. Isn't that ATV's? I mean to be able to customize like need for speed
  3. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a "racing MMO". I don't know how busy the servers are these days, but it meets the other criteria. I used to play it a lot when it came out.

    Watch this for an idea of what it is like.

    The game isn't amazing, but as the top comments point out it isn't anywhere near as bad as IGN makes it sound. I'd probably give it a 7.5/10 or so.

    EDIT: If you like customization, it has quite a bit of that. You can tune your car and change wheel rims, add decals to your car and color the interior and exterior.
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