So whats it worth?

first off im not offering anything for sale. this is just a question.

i have a x58 ex-58-ud5 motherboard, 6 gigs of ram, hd 5870 with a arcticcool 5870 xtreme cooler.(3rd party custom cooler) and an i7 920. i may be selling the whole lot soon and have already been offered £300 for the lot.
to me it seems fair enough if a little on the low side but still a decent offer.

if they were your parts what would you want for them...
im willing to split the gfx but not the motherboard, cpu and ram.
but as it stands its a job lot, all in 1 deal.
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  1. if you get £300 seems pretty good to me

    paid £500 for my partners pc second hand

    hd 5850

    x58 ex-58-ud5

    i7-920 at 4ghz

    h50 cooler

    12gb ram

    corsair 550w psu

    raven rv02 case

    intel 80gb x25-m ssd

    300gb mechanical hard drive

    2 x dvd/rw

    24 inch 1920 x 1200 samsung monitor
  2. I would take the £300 if offered for that setup.
  3. £300 seems a little high to me as its used. I know that board was expensive but being an old socket I don't thin kits worth much now.
  4. i know its used mate but 1 thing it also is, that many others aint, is silent. i really do mean that mate. the noisiest part of my case is the case fans i can turn them down to minimum and there still way above the cpu and gpu coolers. the gpu maxes out at 43'c when its on full fans but you still cant hear it over turned down case fans... like i said ridiculously low noise level to the point i would say its inaudible from the background noise in a quiet room. so while i too think 250 would likey be a better offer for stock parts i rally do think the level of noise i got em to run at is worth the extra. but thanx for the input...
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